Master Barry has been studying martials arts for more than 5 decades, in multiple disciplines.

Beginning in his early childhood years with Gōjū-ryū Karate, Master Barry achieved great accomplishments in this style.

As a teenager, he was recruited by Grandmaster Mariano Rivera who became his mentor. There Master Barry studied and grew in this technique achieving his Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo. As a young man he continued under this leadership and lifelong teacher.

Although briefly pausing his career in Martial Arts when he was married and raising three sons, Master Barry returned to Shaolin Kempo style when relocated to Florida and continued to compete at the Black Belt level.

After several years Master Barry became intrigued with Taekwondo and began a new journey challenging himself to earn the rank of black belt in this style of martial arts. Under the guidance of Grandmaster Pope, Master Barry successfully achieved his black belt and within nine years of studying with Grandmaster Pope went on to receive his fourth dan and earn the tile of  “Master Instructor”.

Master Barry strives for excellence both when instructing and practicing martial arts and enjoys sharing his passion with students, both adults and children alike. He brings positive energy and focus into every aspect of his life, with an emphasis on discipline, all while creating a fun atmosphere of learning.